Transform your volunteer recruitment
Transform your volunteer recruitment. Get matched with people passionate about your cause who bring the skills you need. Engage and build your community.

Promote your opportunities to the largest audience of volunteers in the UK

Engage you community with videos, articles, questionnaires and competitions

Tap into skilled volunteers through employer supported volunteering programmes

More volunteers than ever before Tap into the world of employer supported volunteering with our new platform Thousands new volunteers every month looking to find the right opportunity Maintain an ongoing relationship with volunteers over time
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Free for charities, recruiters and volunteer centres All features from will always remain free for charities. Free to sign up. Free to post opportunities and manage applications. Free to create training and learning content to engage your volunteers and volunteer coordinators
Real time data dashboards across the platform Gain insights of what works and demonstrate success Measure the impact of your charity Track engagement with your opportunities and the volunteers that apply
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Doit charities page widget image
Build Ecosystems with purpose Collaborate with companies, customers and charities for a common goal Build an ecosystem for your organisation or create a wider community for your cause Exchange resources, share content, promote campaigns and organise initiatives
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